20 March, 2011

Essence Dosai/Spicy Spread Dosa

Ingredients for Essence:
Roast and Grind:

  1. Onion-1/2 cup (chopped)
  2. Tomato-1 (diced)
  3. Channa dal/Urad dal-1teaspoon each
  4. Green chilly-2
  5. Ginger-few
  6. Garlic-few
  7. Cilantro/Curry leaves-few
  8. Pepper corns-1teaspoon
  9. Fennel seeds-1teaspoon
  10. Jeera-1 teaspoon
  11. Kaskas(poppy seeds)-1 teaspoon
  12. Cloves-2 nos
  13. Cinnamon-1"piece                           
  14. Cardomam-1 nos
  15. Red chilly powder-to taste
  16. Turmeric powder
  17. Salt
  18. Oil
For dosai:
  1. Required dosa batter
  2. Oil.

I think i covered all masala ingredients from kitchen :). Ingredients list is very big,but everyone will have all these in kitchen am i right?Let's go on to the method,


1.Heat a table spoon of oil and roast all Ingredients one by one,like how we fry onion tomato for chutney and all.
2.Once all done,allow to cool down and blend it with little water.

3.Again heat pan with 1 table spoon of oil,pour the gravy and cook it for,3-5mins till the gravy get's thick.Once it came thick turn off the flame.Now Essence's ready.

4.Now make dosa,put oil around & close the lid and cook for 1 min,Open the lid and put the this essence on dosa and spread and fold the dosa.


5.Now the spicy Flavor dosa is ready to  serve.

        Note: U can increase (R) decrease the value of spice.                 

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  1. tried this recipe for BHW...come out really good, bit changed :)we both liked it !!
    just now posted the recipe also...


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