17 October, 2012

Oats Upma ~ A Healthy BreakFast

Upma's South India's common breakfast in all homes, in lack of Idli Dosai batter.In my childhood i never tasted upma happily.. don't know why !!But as usual after when i started cooking i started  liking  it :-) It's very simple to prepare.Only 15 to 20 mins enough to make a tasty n fulfilling  dish!!

For Blogging Marathon #21 , am going to share some  delicious simple Upma(s).Have you ever tried of making Upma with Oats ?!Do you think how sticky will be?! I too thought the same..but now a days Oats Upma takes a major part in my Diet..This can be serve for Break fast or Evening Snack.Do give it a try !!

  1. Oats-1 cup
  2. Onion-1 medium size (Chopped)
  3. Mix vegetables -1 cup (Chopped)
  4. Ginger and Garlic paste-1 teaspoon
  5. Salt
  6. Cilantro
  7. Lemon juice- 1 teaspoon 
  8. Water - As required 
To temper:
  1. Mustard seeds-1/2 teaspoon
  2. Chana dal-1 teaspoon
  3. Urad dal-1 teaspoon
  4. Curry leaves
  5. Green Chilly- 2 nos
  6. Oil-1 tablespoon 

  • Dry roast the oats in wider pan in medium Flame.Roast it till raw smell goes out.
  • Transfer the oats in to a plate.
  • Now, heat a pan/kadai with oil.Splutter all ingredients under to tempering list.
  • Add ginger and garlic paste ,fry for less than a min.
  • Then goes onion,add little salt.fry till changes in color.
  • Add the vegetable and turmeric powder.saute well.Pour some water to cover the vegetable,close with lid and cook it for 5 mins or till veggies cooks.
  • Once the vegetable's done add some more water.Add the roasted Oats, mix well.Now oats will observe all the moisture.
  • Again add some water and lemon juice,  close with lid and cook it till the oats cooks.
  • Add some chopped cilantro/coriander  leaves,mix it well.

  • Ready to go with any spicy chutney or Sambar. Even with Pickle.

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  1. lovely clicks and healthy breakfast

  2. Even I did the same last Sunday dear... Need to post it.... Lovely pictures

  3. delectable, also loved the way you have arranged it and the crockery....makes it even more tempting

  4. Real healthy and tasty upma... Inviting too...

  5. healthy and hearty breakfast

  6. healthy breakfast. looks tasty.

  7. One of my fav food, never get bored of this healthy upma.Lovely platter.

  8. very nutritious upma. I make it the same way...

  9. Beautiful presentation Prabha, so inviting..

  10. photos look fabulous, especially the last one

  11. Lovely pictures !! The upma looks so inviting...

  12. A nutritious one with healthy oats and loads of veggies.

  13. I usually make it with just pews and onions. Must add more vegetables next time. It looks so colourful and attractive this way. Very nice Prabha

  14. I too made this for BM but did not use lemon juice.Will try with it the next time. Yummy clicks....

  15. I too never used to like upma when I was a kid. Started liking it when I figured out that it was quite easy to prepare :D. Never tried an oats upma, will give it a try sometime.


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