26 October, 2012

Potato Sandwich ~ Aloo Sandwich


For day three of Blogging marathon , under the theme Sandwiches and Wraps am sharing simple delicious sandwich.Today i made some sandwich without toasting the bread..!Quite simple to make ,try it out for this weekend's breakfast and enjoy :)

Here are some recipe links., which i have posted for this BM, 

25 October, 2012

Mushroom Wrap

Day two of Blogging Marathon #21 , under the theme Sandwiches and Wrap ! Wraps are such a friendly dish to take while travelling, easy to make with no mess ups :) I made it in indian styled! Keep your own desired stuffing n roll it.. n enjoy...I love chipotle's Burrito wrap,guess i never tasted any other wraps from out side..

24 October, 2012

Capsicum Corn Sandwich

Hi friends, hope you all had a great festive days! I made little Pooja for Vijayadashami..., was remembering my childhood days, how me n my sis were doing cleaning,arranging books....etc., lovely days with mom n dad :) Second week of Blogging Marathon #21 , under the theme Sandwiches and Wraps. Usually  we wont have Sandwiches oftenly. Very rarely i'll make some...my kid love to have bread butter jam, so simply i'll make that.I tried this from  Tarla dalal.com. Actual recipe says to add mayonnaise instead of white sauce, i don't have that so i made the sauce.

20 October, 2012

Rava Upma ~ Basic Recipe

Final recipe for Blogging Marathon#21, under the theme 3 days of Upma. Today's recipe's our usual  Upma..i use peas in to it sometimes  no..you can add any veggies as you like.The proportion's 1:3 , 1 cup rava and 3 cups water,   you can adjust the water level according to it..!I don't like upma in colloidal consistency,try this n enjoy :-)

18 October, 2012

Idli Upma - With left overs

IDLI UPMA....One of the very quick recipe with left over idlis..Hope everybody will make the recipe often..!! Usually i make this recipe for evening snack ,some times for breakfast ..such a handy one right.. :-)No other any special side dish's required simple pickle is enough..I make Idly Upma in couple of variety, will post that in future.. Here comes my recipe for the Day two of Blogging Marathon #21 , under the theme  3 days of Upma....

17 October, 2012

Oats Upma ~ A Healthy BreakFast

Upma's South India's common breakfast in all homes, in lack of Idli Dosai batter.In my childhood i never tasted upma happily.. don't know why !!But as usual after when i started cooking i started  liking  it :-) It's very simple to prepare.Only 15 to 20 mins enough to make a tasty n fulfilling  dish!!

For Blogging Marathon #21 , am going to share some  delicious simple Upma(s).Have you ever tried of making Upma with Oats ?!Do you think how sticky will be?! I too thought the same..but now a days Oats Upma takes a major part in my Diet..This can be serve for Break fast or Evening Snack.Do give it a try !!

Gulab Jamun ~ For 1 lakh Hits

Hi there, am really happy n excited to say my little blog hits, One Lakh page views last week... It's a big thing for me.. :) Am saying THANK YOU to my friends and readers, who made this.. :-) Well, my blog's been a great platform for me to cook  tasty and healthy foods to my family !!Everyday when i cook am learning some ..some thing new , may be in cooking or in presenting ,clicking the pics and so on...So i thought of sharing the Sweet moment, with everyone's all time favorite Gulab Jamun !!Simple indian dessert.. if you using store bought Jamun mix..if yes do give this a try..sure you will like it !

12 October, 2012

Capsicum Mutter Masala/Peas Capsicum Curry (Low-Fat Version)

Are you looking for simple n tasty Peas Masala...If yess...then it's for you all...!!And one more interesting thing's it's low-fat version.No cashew,badam paste and no milk.. I used olive oil for tempering.Adding butter's completely  an optional ,it gives a nice glassy texture n flavour. Try it and enjoy it :) ,