12 January, 2012

Gobi Palak


  1. Cauliflower- 1 cup 
  2. Spinach-2 cups 
  3. Green chilly-3 
  4. Jeera-1/2 teaspoon 
  5. Coriander powder-1 teaspoon 
  6. Tomato-2 nos(Chopped)
  7. Onion-1 medium (Chopped)
  8. Garlic- 5 pods (Chopped)
  9. Chilly powder- 1/2 teaspoon 
  10. Garam masala -1/4 teaspoon 
  11. Sugar- 1/2 teaspoon 
  12. Salt 
  13. Oil
  14. Milk-1/4 cup
  15. Fresh cream- 1 tablespoon 
  16. Cheeze- 1 tablespoon 
To Grind:
  1. Coconut- 2 table spoon 
  2. Cashew-5-6 nos
  3. Kas kas- 1 teaspoon (Soaked in hot water)
  4. Coriander  leaves- 1/2 cup 
  5. Curry leaves- 5 nos

Clean the cauliflower,and cut in to small size florets.

Spread in a kitchen towel,let it dry for 10 mns.

Then shallow fry the cauliflower or bake in oven till turns crisp.

  • Heat the oil in pan,add green chilly and spinach,cook it for 2-3 mins in low flame.
  • After that,allow to cool and blend with coconut,cashew,kas kas and curry leaves.
  • Now heat a pan with 2 teaspoon of oil,add jeera,onion and fry for a while.
  • Now add sugar and tomato,fry till get mushy.
  • Add the red chilly powder,coriander powder ,give it  a mix.
  • Pour the grounded spinach paste in to it,cook it for 2-3 min in medium flame.
  • Adjust water for the gravy.
  • Then,add the fried cauliflowers in to it,give a gentle mix.
  • Add garam masala now,
  • After boiling for 2-3 mins add the milk,bring to boil again.
  • Then add fresh cream,garnish it with little bit of cheese.
  • That's it Creamy gravy's ready to enjoy with hot Chapathi/Pulao.. !!!

Linking this recipe to Vardini's ,"Healing food- Cauliflower"


  1. Nice and healthy combination.. looks too good !!
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  3. healthy ,delicious and new combination ..never tried before...
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  5. Gobi palak is a lovely greeny dish. Totally healthy side dish.

  6. Lovely combo,looks so delicious and healthy...

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  8. Super delicious gobi palak,simply irresistible.

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  12. Hi Prabha, Loving this gobi palak. Must be quite tasty with all that cheese and cream in it. My mom used to make it with garam masala and some daal wadis added to it but that was way different than this. I would love it any time :-)

  13. never heard of gobhi with palak , awesome recipe.. bookmarked it
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