07 November, 2012

Paneer Kheer/Paneer Payasam/Channar Payesh ~Diwali Recipes

 Hi friends here's one more Authentic Bengali Dessert,for this Festive mood.First time made this , taste's just Awesome!!Actually the taste resembles to Rasmalai, only the shape's different. Paneer Kheer can be make it in different way, but this a authentic... Paneer Kheer/Channar Payesh ,how bengali people does.Little bit time consuming recipe..really worth to spend time!! The recipe's for Blogging Marathon#22 under the theme Dishes from West Bengal. Step by step pictures to  follow easily!

Try it out ,n enjoy with family n friends :)

04 November, 2012

Egg Curry with Poppy Seeds ~ Bengali Recipe

For day 2 of Blogging Marathon #22, under the theme Dishes from West Bengal.I was confused with the theme, what to make like that!? Sangee of Spicy Treats only helped  me to make some curry with eggs!When i searched for bengali recipe in youtube i found this curry.It suits well with Poori. Lets see the recipe now....

Sandesh/Bengali Sweet~Diwali Recipes

 Hi friends , hope you all getting ready for Diwali.The day of Diwali will start up with sweets and end up with fire crackers..!! Sweets n savory takes major parts in Diwali days right?!.For Blogging Marathon #22 , i have chosen the theme  Dishes from West bengal. For the Day 1 of BM , am here with Sandesh recipe.Which can be make it very easily at home.Try it at your home for this Diwali n enjoy :)

26 October, 2012

Potato Sandwich ~ Aloo Sandwich


For day three of Blogging marathon , under the theme Sandwiches and Wraps am sharing simple delicious sandwich.Today i made some sandwich without toasting the bread..!Quite simple to make ,try it out for this weekend's breakfast and enjoy :)

Here are some recipe links., which i have posted for this BM, 

25 October, 2012

Mushroom Wrap

Day two of Blogging Marathon #21 , under the theme Sandwiches and Wrap ! Wraps are such a friendly dish to take while travelling, easy to make with no mess ups :) I made it in indian styled! Keep your own desired stuffing n roll it.. n enjoy...I love chipotle's Burrito wrap,guess i never tasted any other wraps from out side..

24 October, 2012

Capsicum Corn Sandwich

Hi friends, hope you all had a great festive days! I made little Pooja for Vijayadashami..., was remembering my childhood days, how me n my sis were doing cleaning,arranging books....etc., lovely days with mom n dad :) Second week of Blogging Marathon #21 , under the theme Sandwiches and Wraps. Usually  we wont have Sandwiches oftenly. Very rarely i'll make some...my kid love to have bread butter jam, so simply i'll make that.I tried this from  Tarla dalal.com. Actual recipe says to add mayonnaise instead of white sauce, i don't have that so i made the sauce.

20 October, 2012

Rava Upma ~ Basic Recipe

Final recipe for Blogging Marathon#21, under the theme 3 days of Upma. Today's recipe's our usual  Upma..i use peas in to it sometimes  no..you can add any veggies as you like.The proportion's 1:3 , 1 cup rava and 3 cups water,   you can adjust the water level according to it..!I don't like upma in colloidal consistency,try this n enjoy :-)

18 October, 2012

Idli Upma - With left overs

IDLI UPMA....One of the very quick recipe with left over idlis..Hope everybody will make the recipe often..!! Usually i make this recipe for evening snack ,some times for breakfast ..such a handy one right.. :-)No other any special side dish's required simple pickle is enough..I make Idly Upma in couple of variety, will post that in future.. Here comes my recipe for the Day two of Blogging Marathon #21 , under the theme  3 days of Upma....

17 October, 2012

Oats Upma ~ A Healthy BreakFast

Upma's South India's common breakfast in all homes, in lack of Idli Dosai batter.In my childhood i never tasted upma happily.. don't know why !!But as usual after when i started cooking i started  liking  it :-) It's very simple to prepare.Only 15 to 20 mins enough to make a tasty n fulfilling  dish!!

For Blogging Marathon #21 , am going to share some  delicious simple Upma(s).Have you ever tried of making Upma with Oats ?!Do you think how sticky will be?! I too thought the same..but now a days Oats Upma takes a major part in my Diet..This can be serve for Break fast or Evening Snack.Do give it a try !!

Gulab Jamun ~ For 1 lakh Hits

Hi there, am really happy n excited to say my little blog hits, One Lakh page views last week... It's a big thing for me.. :) Am saying THANK YOU to my friends and readers, who made this.. :-) Well, my blog's been a great platform for me to cook  tasty and healthy foods to my family !!Everyday when i cook am learning some ..some thing new , may be in cooking or in presenting ,clicking the pics and so on...So i thought of sharing the Sweet moment, with everyone's all time favorite Gulab Jamun !!Simple indian dessert.. if you using store bought Jamun mix..if yes do give this a try..sure you will like it !

12 October, 2012

Capsicum Mutter Masala/Peas Capsicum Curry (Low-Fat Version)

Are you looking for simple n tasty Peas Masala...If yess...then it's for you all...!!And one more interesting thing's it's low-fat version.No cashew,badam paste and no milk.. I used olive oil for tempering.Adding butter's completely  an optional ,it gives a nice glassy texture n flavour. Try it and enjoy it :) ,

27 September, 2012

Tofu Onion Paratha

For Day Three of Blogging Marathon # 20 ,under the theme Cooking with Onion am sharing a wonderful tasty Paratha!!I was one day late to post my last day's post!! This's our fav combo.. Tofu with Onion... It's very simple to make.Can make this delicious paratha in no min.No need to look for any special side dish , serve it with Curd or Pickle...mmm..will be YUMMY :)Now to the recipe,

25 September, 2012

Onion Samosa / Mini Samosa

Second Day of Blogging Marathon #20 , under the theme Cooking with Onion.Once i selected the theme i got Onion Bajji only in my mind!!When i talked with Sangee of Spicy Treats , she said she'll be making Onion Samosa for the theme.Fortunately she didn't post it  :) , she posted some other three interesting recipes with onion..So i gave my try!!It tasted really good,using onion n frying in oil,makes a wonderful flavour!I had these type of small Samosa'a in Chennai earlier..Now to the recipe,

24 September, 2012

Onion Kara Chutney/Spicy Onion Dip(Chutney)

Hi Friends hope you all had a great weekend!!Now time to BM,for the fourth week of Blogging Marathon #20,i selected the theme Cooking with Onion.With out Onion..my cooking will not be complete...guess many of yours!!I know...atleast we use one onion in our day to day cooking!!Onion takes a major part in all type of Rice,Curry/Subzi n Poriyal.For three days,i will be sharing recipe which i used onion as major  in my dish.Today's recipe's Chettinad's very famous Kara Chutney,got the recipe from TV show.This chutney can be make it in two type,one's blending all ingredients together with out no cooking,n tempering.Second one's sauteing all the things n blending n goes tempering on it..Now to the second type chutney,

19 September, 2012

Dal Palak / Spinach Dal

Hi there,hope u all had a great Ganesh Chathurthi!!For me also it was  great..Made Ellu  poorana kozhukattai and Green peas sundal.My kid enjoyed lord Ganesha's Birthday :) He was very curious what amma's making for Ganesh's  Birthday..!!While making all these..he started asking this n that..simply  enjoyed with him :)Finally he's asking where's the Cake amma?!So funny right...:))

Vella Kozhukattai/Sweet Modak

 Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all my Friends Readers and Bloggers!!Make this sweet Vella Kozhukkati ,offer god and get a blessings from lord Ganesh/Pillayar..Quite simple recipe.
Remembering  my childhood days...in my place(Erode)   in front of the temple they will keep a very tall and gaint Ganesh statue, for all ten day or a week,every evening they will do pooja and then prasad.For that i'll run like anything :))...Then at the final day of the festival, all Ganesh will come from all over the town  to the road..oh my how many variation in that statue?!!..Finally to will go the river..Wonderful days:)

Now check out the recipe,for make it simple i updated with step by step picture.

18 September, 2012

Tomato Dal/Tomato Dal Curry

Hey folks thank you so much all for a lovely comments in yesterdays post!!Actually i don't want to stop my blogging like this, atleast weekly twice r thrice i like to  keep update.Have to thank Valli..under her BM  only i am  pushing myself to post some recipes :)
So for the day two of Blogging Marathon#20,  under the theme Delicious Dal,am sharing simple n easy "Tomato Dal".Which suits well for Roti/Plain rice!!Try and enjoy this healthy dal,to the recipe now!

17 September, 2012

Mixed Vegetable Dal

Hello there, after a very long break am here again to Blogging.Where i went these many day?!...Didn't go any where,at home only,Was busy with my kid :)) Now he started going School,so i can spend time in other's blogs and my blog as well!!

27 June, 2012

Sago Vermicelli Payasam/Kheer

Final day of "Blogging Marathon #17".For the Third day of BM am sharing , very  delicious  tasty Payasam.Recipe adapted from “SpicyTreats”.First time I have tried Payasam with Sago & Vermicelli .We liked it.Thanks sangeetha for the great recipe :) 

Hooray!! Do you guys remember a week ago I have posted “Tofu TomatoPulao” for  Lavanya’s Giveaway Event right?! Randomly I have selected for the giveaway ..Getting Pearl Earring set  soon :)  Thanks again Lavanya !! Now to the recipe,

25 June, 2012

Aval Payasam

Another Simple and delicious Payasam recipe for Day-2 of Blogging Marathon #17.Under Group~4  ,I have chosen “ "Indian Sweets -Payasam/Halwa ".This Recipe's adopted from Raks Kitchen. I tried Aval Payasam with sugar,couple of times. Adding Jaggery giving unique taste to it.Compared with sugar,jaggery’s a healthy option right?Quite simple and tasty recipe,can make it 5-10.Try it out and enjoy!!

24 June, 2012

Carrot and Cashewnut Payasam

Another Day for Blogging Marathon ,for the Week 4. For the Second week I have chosen the theme ,  "Indian Sweets -Payasam/Halwa " . In Function or any Occasions   South Indian Meals will ends up with Payasam only.Actualy I does only common Payasam like Semiya Paysam,Parupu Payasam  … For BM ,am experimenting  some more flavorful Payasam from some well known site. This one I got it from “Tarlaldalal” .I posted Carrot Paysam Earlier, but adding cashew paste’s gives excellent taste.Do try it out and enjoy, Healthy Treat for Kids and us as well.Let go to recipes now,

20 June, 2012

Tomato Tofu Pulao ~My Guest Post @ Tickle your Taste Buds

Hi there am really happy and excited to share a guest Post for , Lavanya of "Tickle your Taste Buds and Make your Life Delicious" for the  Giveaway.She has a wonderful space with various recipe collections .Please HoP to her space,and give your lovely Comments!!I have shared one of my creation, Healthy Tasty Protein rich Pulao/Rice.,Though this's my First Guest Post ,Have to thank Lavanya for giving the Opportunity :) 

19 June, 2012

Moong Dal Pakoda/Pakora

Final Day of Blogging Marathon#17,under the theme   “Deep Fried Vadas/Fritters”.Today’s Pakoda’s made from Split Yellow Moong Dal, from my cook book collections!!First time am making it out, came out just perfect..You can try the same with Channa dal instead of Moong Dal.Three days I have enjoyed with trying out a new mixture of making Pakodas.. :) See you guys soon in Next Marathon.Now to the recipe,

18 June, 2012

Cabbage Pakoda/Pakora

Another quick Interesting Starter /Snack ,for Blogging  Marathon#17.under the theme 
 Deep Fried Vadas/Fritters".Fried items are my kid favorite,so i have chosen it.Simple recipe,feels fulfilling with cup of Tea /Coffee...Can give many variation to the Pakoras..Do try it out and enjoy,let's see the recipe,

17 June, 2012

Cashew Pakoda/Pakora

 Happy to join in “Blogging Marathon” #17.But this’s not regular seven days Blogging,just only three days..!! interesting n Different right?Under Group 3,I  have chosen  “Deep Fried Vadas/Fritters”.Fritters/Pakora’s  are one of our most  favorite evening tea time snack. Today am sharing one of the unique flavorful  Pakora i.e.,  Cashew Pakora/Pakoda,adding mint leaves in it.You  can store this pakoras after making it for 3-4 in airtight container. Let’s the recipe now,

13 June, 2012

EP Series "Ginger & Pepper Corn"Event Round-Up.

Hi Friends, here’s the Round-UP for the Event "EP~Series" Ginger & Pepper!!Thanks again   Julie ,given a chance to hosting :)  I Got 41 wonderful  recipes. Thanks  a lot to all folks who linked their entries.It's been a difficult, for me to decide and pick which one's best and Innovative.Here i have selected some of the recipes...

Here comes the Awards,
First comes the Best Innovative Recipe Award:

Above Participants Please Grab the badge  as token of Award.

Now comes the Best Healthy Dish Award:


Above Participants Please Grab the badge  as token of Award.

Now comes to Top Contributor Award :
Swasthi of "The Health Freak", leads with five recipe.


This Award is for who all  Participated in "EP Series-Ginger &Pepper corns".Please grab this Badge as a token of Award.


Here's the Virtual Treat for you all,

29 May, 2012

Mango Lemonade

Hi Friends here’s my Final Post for Blogging Marathon~16,under the Theme “Cooking With Colors”.Today’s Color’s “Yellow”.I have Chosen Lemonade recipe.Very Simple recipe,really took very less time to make.Am sure everybody will love it!!Do check out my other post for this BM.Hope you will like it.

28 May, 2012

Eggless Chocolate Mug Cake

Hi friends, for 6th  day of Blogging Marathon~16,am sharing a very Simple n Quick 2 mins Eggless Cake Recipe ,Under the Theme “Cooking With Colors”.So,Today’s Color’s “Chocolate Brown”. This’s very very simple recipe can anyone done it in a minute!!I have seen many post used egg for the mug cake. When I googled for Eggless Mug cake I got recipe from “Here”, they used Coco cola instead of Eggs!!Result was so good..!!Some times I won’t like egg flavors in cake.If any one likes to eat Chocolate cake, Instantly can try it,really they will Love it  :) Exspecially kids will enjoy eating!!Fine,let's see the recipe now,

27 May, 2012

Carrot Chutney

Today’s recipe’s Healthy n Colorful side dish recipe,For 5th day of Blogging Marathon~16 under the theme “Cooking With Colors” for that am sharing “Carrot Chutney” Which I have been tried couple of time for my regular Break fast.It’s really a twist to our regular tomato/Cilantro chutney..So,today’s Color’s “Orange”Do try it out and enjoy!!

26 May, 2012

Beets Masal Wadai

Hi dears, am sharing one more colorful recipe which I tried yesterday for 4th day of “Blogging Marathon~16” under the theme “Cooking With Colors”. Today’s Color’s “Purple”. If you think about Pink, Purple first will get only beets in mind right?! Same here  :) yeah without any delay I decided to try Wadai with beets…It’s really excellent by Color and Taste. You can try with Uradal also, already I posted recipe for ,“Cabbage Wadai”  you substitute with Beets!!Hope everybody will love it!!Attracting color for Kids,my kid love these kind of deep fried items a lot!!He was exploring what Amma added in it like that?!Finally he Guessed it :)  Let’s move on the recipe,

25 May, 2012

Puttu~With Rice Flour

 Hi Friends,today am here with another quite simple &Healthy recipe ,for 3rd day of “Blogging Marathon~16”.Under the Theme “Cooking With Colors”.Today’s Color’s White. Offenly I make Puttu with Rice flour/Ragi flour.My kid love Rice Puttu a lot!!Though Ragi’s healthy,but he like this much!! I made this with Idiyappam Flour, but you can do it with usual rice flour also. Compared to making with rice flour, Puttu coming very Soft in Idiyappam/Appam flour.You will find  that in Indian store.I like to serve with Banana.Hope you to try this for Evening Snack :) Let's move on the recipe now!!

24 May, 2012

Tomato Rice~Quick Version

Hi Friends, today am Posting very simple and Quick “Tomato Rice”, For "Blogging Marathon~16" under the theme “Cooking with Colors”. So, today’s color’s “Red”. I tried making tomato rice in couple of forms, compared to those things it tastes really nice and flavorful.  Adding Ghee for tempering, enhancing the Flavors’.It's perfect Lunch box recipe!!Do try and enjoy the recipe  J 

23 May, 2012

Palak Lachcha Paratha/Spinach Lachcha Paratha

 Am Going to Post some  Colorful Recipes for 7days from today!! Yeah..it's a BM :) Am happy to do "Blogging Marathon ~16 "..This's my second time.I have chosen a theme "Cooking With Colors".Means,You are not supposed to add any food colors to it ,only Natural Colors!!That's the theme.Feels n sounds simple n Interesting so i selected it,because with my Little boy i couldn't take much complicated one!!So...Today's Color's Green.Let's move on to Today's recipe...

12 May, 2012

Chocolate-Nuts Loaf Cake

Another Interesting Recipe for Blog Hop Wesnesday,this Month i paried with Anamika of "Taste Junction".She's having Nice Space with unique recipes!!I selected Cake ,am a big Cake Lover :) This's a simple cake recipe,serve with Cup of Tea for Evening Snack!!I adjusted sugar to my taste,can reduce it for your taste.I didn't use nuts.

10 May, 2012

04 May, 2012

Show Me Your Hits~Soy Recipes~Round Up!

Hi Dears, here's the Round up for the Event "Hits" by Sangee of Spicy Treats.Thanks a lot Sangeetha for the chance..Event runned under the theme "Soy Recipes".I got 28 Tasty Healthy and Wonderful recipes,including mine!!Thanks a lot all my dear ones who Participated in this Event and made me happy :)

For this month am Guest Hosting Julie's  EP~Series "Ginger and Pepper".Do click on your right top Image and submit your recipes my dear friends.With out your Love and Support i cant make it up :) :)Looking forward guys..

Here you go for the Virtual Treat,

27 April, 2012

"EP Series-Herb & Spices" ~ "Ginger &Pepper Powder" Event Announcement

Hi Dears,
I am happy to announce that i am guest hosting, "Julie's" Event,"EP Series-Herb &Spices" for the month of May2012.Thank you Julie for giving me the opportunity :)
ThankS a lot for sending entries  to "HITS~Soy Recipes" my dears.Without your support and Interest i cant make it up..Please send in your entries to this month's  Event too :) 

Am Sharing some Benefits Of Ginger n Pepper,got it from Net.

About Ginger
  • Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties and is a powerful natural painkiller.
  • Ginger has long been used as a natural treatment for colds and the flu.
  • Feeling airsick or nauseous? Chew on ginger, preferably tossed in a little honey.
  •  Stir up some ginger tea to get rid of throat and nose congestion.

I use to do this Home Made Tonic for my Kid,in Initial stage of Cold n Cough.

  1. Take small piece of ginger take out the skin part.Shredded  and squeeze the juice.Take juice in small cup.
  2. Take small spoon full of honey with it,mix it up.
  3. That's it,Home made Tonic 's ready now!!really it  helps.Give one time a day for 5-7 days.
About Pepper
  • Black pepper helps relieve cough and colds.
  • It helps in weight loss-The outer layer of the peppercorn contains substances that boost fat metabolism. Adding black pepper to foods may help in the treatment of obesity.
  • It's helps treat skin conditions and Dental Health.
  • Black pepper is a powerful antioxidant - Pepper has a rich natural content of phenols, organic chemicals that have strong antioxidant properties.
When you coughing more unusually  take 2 to 3 pepper corns in mouth ,bite n  chew it.Instantly it'll stop the Cough.

Now to the Rules For the Event:

1.The event runs for the period of 1st - 31st of May 2012.
2.The theme for this month is "
Ginger  & Pepper Powder". You can use one ingredient in a dish or use both but that ingredient should be one of the main ingredients. It can vary from starter, main dish , dessert or any other recipes, sweet or savory anything.(No recipes which don't follow this rule will not qualify for the event)
3.Bloggers and Non bloggers can participate. Bloggers can link their recipes using the linky tool below. Bloggers who find it difficult or find some problem to link can also send &Non-bloggers can send in their recipes to my mail prabhamani14(@)gmail(.)com with the following details-
Your Name-
Recipe Name-
Recipe Details-
Pic of the Dish-

4.Recipe must be linked to Julie's  Announcement page and to my page.
Only Vegetarian Recipes  please as mine’s a  Vegetarian Blog.  Eggs can be included!!
6.Send in any number of entries.
You can link in your old entries too (limiting 2 per person),just add the logo and the link under the post or repost another 2 entries too.(total of 4 archived posts)
7.Usage of logo is appreciated for all entries.

So, Folks put on your innovative caps and think tight, do right and link in your recipes at the earliest before 31st May,2012.
Best Wishes to All


23 April, 2012

Tofu Bhurji/Scrambled Tofu

Am posting this Recipe for Blog hop Wednesday, for this Month,Started by Radhika of "Tickling Palates".This time i was very very late in Posting my Recipe!!For this week I Paired with Veena krishnakumar of, ”Veg Nation”.She's Having a wonderful space with Yum recipe,do check out here Blog!!

19 April, 2012

Nutrela Biriyani~Soya Chunks Biriyani

 Today am sharing a simple One Pot Protein Enriched Rice.I love to add soya chunks in my Vegetable Biriyani!!Today i prepared this Biriyani with only Soya chunks ,it really tastes great!!I simply served it with Beaten Curd..

10 April, 2012

Soya Chunks Cutlet

Today am sharing a Healthy and Fulfilling evening Snack recipe.I Tawa roasted this culets ,you can deep fry them .If you deep frying ,after mixing shapes ,dip the patties in Maida Batter then coat them in  bread crumbs nicely and  keep it fridge for 20-30 ,and deep fry it!!

05 April, 2012

Soya Chunks and Green Peas Curry

 Hi, Friends..Hope you all doing great.After BM today only am posting :) Well,Everyone knows i guess,this month's "Spicy Treat's Monthly Event HITS " happening at my space.Please do link your recipes ,am looking forward to see all of your Yummy ~Tasty ~Innovative recipes :) :) 

31 March, 2012

Show Me Your HITS-Series#3~Soy Recipes Event Announcement

Hello Friends,
I am happy to announce that i am guest hosting Sangeetha’s event,Show Me Your HITS” for the month of April2012.I am really excited!!Thanks a lot Sangeetha for giving me this opportunity...

I have chosen “Soy Recipes”.Soy’s a versatile bean, is found in foods like soy milk, soy sauce, and tofu etc., Foods that contain whole soy are a good source of protein for vegetarians and vegans.

Benefits of Soy Food,
1.A Great Source of Protein.
2.Lowers Cholesterol
3.Keeps the Heart Healthy and many more!!

Here's the rules to participate, 
1. Send in any Soy recipe which include Soy milk,Soy Flour,Soy Chunks,Firm Tofu n silken Tofu. No Deep fried recipes.
2. Only Vegetarian or Vegan recipes please. Eggs are allowed in baking.
3. Usage of the logo is appreciated as it helps spread the word.
4. Link to Sangeetha's  HITS event announcement page and this announcement page's mandatory.
5.If sending an old entry, it needs to be re-published with the links.
6.You can send in any number of new entries and a maximum of 2 old entries.
7.Event runs from April1 - April 30


Looking forward to see all your Wonderful and Recipes.

29 March, 2012

Sakkarai Pongal /Sweet Pongal

Day 7 of BM,yeah here's my last post for BM#14!!I really enjoyed doing,it was a new experience ..i got to know some new bloggers  threw this,have to Thank Srivalli for giving me this :)Actually am not aware of this BM,Sangeetha of "Spicy Treats" she only asked me to try this..Thanks to you too :) :) ..Have to say this here,i have struggled  a little bit with my little boy while taking photos,cooking and posting!!Don't know how last time she manged "2 BM"s with two little ones!!?? Great Job..!

28 March, 2012

Rava Kesari

 Today am sharing my all time Favorite simple sweet recipe for BM's Sixth day :)I used to ask my mom to make this sweet when ever i like to eat!!Very easy and simple recipe,only few step to follow..Do try this and enjoy eating :) 

27 March, 2012

Wheat Flour Appam

 For Fifthday of BM am sharing a Simple Prasadam recipe!!Recipe got it from "Raks Kitchen"...After tasting this Appam am remembering my grand mom use to make this on some occasional to offer god :)Adding bananas gives a really nice flavour and fluffiness to Appams..I tried some with Paniyaram Pan..

26 March, 2012

Sweet Ammini Kozhukattai

Fourth Day of Blogging Marathon,today am  sharing a prasadam recipe, usually people make this on Vinayagar Chathurthi/Ganesh Chathurthi.Very simple and quick recipe.Recipe's From  "Spicy Treats"!!

25 March, 2012

Boondi Ladoo

 Hi..friends,today we are in Third day of Blogging Marathon.Under "Easy sweet and mithat" today am sharing a traditional sweet  "Boondi Ladoo".Am making this for very first time.Very simple recipe,everybody can make it with very less time.It took just 45 mins to make starting from ending!!My grand mom use to make this for all  Diwali Days.. :)