08 September, 2011

Chinese Vegetable Spring Rolls

1.Carrot-1/2 cup     *Shredded
2.Beans-5-8      *Thinly sliced
3.Cabbage-1/2 cup  *Shredded
4.Onion-1/2 small size *Thinly sliced
5.Red chilly Powder-To taste 
6.Garlic-3 nos  *Finelly chopped
7.Cooked Noodles-1/2 cup
8.Soy Sauce-1 teaspoon
9.Salt -To Taste
10.Spring roll sheets-5-6
11.Water - Little bit (To Stick the sheets)
12.Oil -For deep frying


  1. Heat Pan with table spoon of oil.
  2. Add Onion and garlic fry for a while.
  3. Next add Carrot,Beans,Cabbage  & fry it for 1 min.
  4. Now add chilly powder,salt & soy sauce, mix it well.
  5. Finally add Cooked and drained Noodles to it,stir it well.Switch off the stove ,let it cool down for 10 -15 mins.
Stuffing for Spring Rolls

I used this Spring Roll Sheet only,U will find in any Indian Store in Frozen Section.Before using follow the instruction on back.

How to Roll the Spring Roll:  

  • Take one sheet ,keep 2 teaspoon full of vegetable stuffing in little bit lower middle.
  • Apply water all around,on the spring roll with the help of finger.Water helps to stick together. 
  •  Fold all edges,and make a roll.
  • Please follow the pictures,for clear idea.

  • Set all rolled Spring rolls in one plate.
  • Heat the oil & deep fry it in medium flame.
  • Deep fry all Spring Rolls get Crispy outside,and gloden brown in color.
  • Transfer the fried rolls in to Paper towels.
  • Now Spring rolls is ready.
  • Serve with Chinese Hot and Sour Sauce.


Note: You can change any stuffing to your wish.



  1. i use to do the same without noodles and more garlic n ginger...yummy rolls...liked it !!

  2. wow, they look yum..feeling hungry now, wish i could grab those ;)

  3. Thank u so much 4 cute comments!!

  4. Very yummy looking rolls, looks fantastic.

  5. wow very yummy n the stuffing is too good..

  6. love this anytime..looks perfect


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