12 April, 2011

Schezwan Veg Noodles


  1. Hakka Noodle-1 Pack
  2. Onion-1 small 
  3. Red Chilly Paste
  4. Carrot-2
  5. Beans-10-15 nos
  6. Cabbage-1/2 cup
  7. Green Chilly-2
  8. Capsicum-1 (Can use color Bell pepper )
  9. Spring Onion-2 string(chopped)
  10. Ginger Garlic paste- 2teaspoon
  11. Salt/Brown Sugar
  12. Dark Soy Sauce-2 teaspoon
  13. White Vinger-2 teaspoon
  14. Ajinomoto-1/4 tespoon
  15. Sesame Oil-2 tablespoon


*Stripe all Vegetables.(Except Spring Onion)*Soak 4 red Chilly in Hot Water for 15 mns and Grind in to smooth Paste.Heat 8 cups of water and cook the noddles,with out lid for  5min.Add little drop of oil and pinch salt while cooking.Once the Noodle Cooked Drain Wash it in cold water and keep aside.


  1. Heat oil in Wide Wok.Add Onion and Bottom part of green onion fry till change color.
  2. Add Ginger Garlic paste fry for a while.
  3. Add all vegetables together (Carrot,Beans,Cabbage,Capsicum) mix well and cook it for 5min.Don't over cook it)
  4. Have to maintain a Crispness.
  5. Add Soya sauce,white vinegar and ajinomoto mix well.Add red chilly paste and mix again.
  6. Put 1teaspoon of brown sugar and salt, give a mix then add Drained Noodles.
  7. Finally add chopped Spring Onions,and mix well and Enjoy the Schezwan Veg Noodles with Tomato Ketchup.
Note: Add some black pepper powder if u want more spicy.


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