25 March, 2011

Tasty Mushroom Biriyani

  1. Seeraga Samba Rice/Basumathi Rice- 2 cup
  2. Mushroom-2 cup (Diced)
  3. Onion-1 cup(Sliced)
  4. Tomato-2 nos(Chopped)
  5. Green Chilly-2
  6. Ginger Garlic Paste-2 table spoon
  7. Whole Gram Masala:  1.Cinamaon-1" piece 2.Cloves-3, 3.Cardamom-1 (Crushed with skin),4.Black Cardamom-1,5.star anise-1
  8. Cilantro/Mint leaves - few
  9. Oil and ghee -2 table spoon (Mixed)
  10. Lemon juice -1 table spoon
  11. Water-3 Cups
To Grind:
  1. Almonds/Badam-4 nos
  2. Cashew- 4 nos
  3. Cilantro- 1/2 cup
  4. Mint-1/2 cup(Leaves alone)
  5. Red Chilly- 2 nos.
Soak Almonds/Badam for 15 min in water and grind all together with little water.Soak the rice for 30min.

  1. Heat Oil in the Pressure cooker,Put all whole dry masala and roast it.
  2. Add green chilly fry it.Then add ginger garlic paste and fry till raw smells goes out.
  3. Now add slice onion and fry till gets  Soft.(Don't roast more)
  4. Add tomato and fry till it mix with all mixture.
  5. Now put turmeric powder,jeera powder,garam masala and roat well.
  6. Add the grounded Mixture and Fry well in oil.
  7. Once u fried well add,Diced Mushroom and fry in oil.(Don't add water,Mushroom will lose water itself)
  8. Half Cook the Mushroom.
  9. Now pour Required water and add lemon juice.
  10. Check salt as well.Put chopped cilantro and mint leaves on top.

10.And close the lid.Take 3 whistle.
11.Once Pressure cums down,open the lid,slowly and  mix the rice with fork.


11.Serve Hot with Onion Raitha (R)any veg Gravy.

Note: For more flavorful Roast the soaked rice in teaspoon of ghee.U Can Try the same Method with Vegetables also,for tasty Vegetable Biriyani :)...


  1. Woww... Looks spicy and inviting. Nice clicks too.. Thanks for the wonderful recipe.. amazing job !!

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  3. Thanks Prabha, I made this Mushroom biriyani. It tasted really good.
    Good luck and thanks once again

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