11 March, 2011

Soya Chunks Stuffed Paratha

Ingredients For Paratha:
  1. Maida(All purpose flour)-1 cup
  2. Atta-1 cup
  3. Salt-2teaspoon
  4. Oil-2teaspoon
  5. Water- to make a tight dough.
Mix All together and make  a chappathi dough.Cover and keep aside.

Ingredients for Stuffing:
  1. Soya chunks-2cups
  2. Onion-1/2 medium chopped (finely chopped)
  3. Ginger/Garlic paste-2teaspoon
  4. Red chilly Powder-2 teaspoon
  5. Pepper powder-1teaspoon(optional)
  6. Salt                                                                           
  7. Lemon juice-few drops
  8. Turmeric powder
  9. Cilantro/Curry leaves -few (finely chopped) 
  10. grounded soya chunks
  11. Oil&ghee mixed

Heat water in pan.,let it boil after 5-10 mns switch off the stove and put all soya chunks,dip all soya chunks with spoon and close the lid.After 5 mns drain all water,keep aside let it cool.Once Soya chunks cool down squeeze all excess water.Squeeze well ..for stuffing we need a dry mixture only.and grind in blender like a powder.


  • Heat oil in pan.,add onion and ginger garlic paste,fry well
  • Add curry leaves,put grounded Soya chunks
  • Add Red chilliy powder,turmeric powder,salt,and lemon juice. 
  • Fry well,Allow the excess water to evaporate
  • Add cilantro and turn of the stove.Stuffing's ready.
  • Heat pan in Tava or pan
  • Take One big size Ball and roll it chappathi roller.
  • Take a 2 spoon of mixture and cover the dough.,and roll 
  • Roll carefully .,bcaz the mixture will comes out.so give a gentle press and make a circle paratha.
  • Put on heated tawa and cook like chappathi.
  • Serve hot .,no need for side dish.


  • Chop everything in fine pieces(curryleaves,cilantro,onion)otherwise stuffing will cums out.


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