07 March, 2011

Masal Vadai/Kara Vadai/Parupu Vadai


  1. Channa dal(or)split yellow peas-1cup
  2. Onion-1medium chopped
  3. Red chilly-3
  4. Fennel seeds-1teaspoon
  5. Ginger-1 inch
  6. Curry leaves/Cilantro-as needed
  7. Salt
Soak Dal or Yellow peas for 2hours.Take a table spoon of dal and keep aside.


  1. Drain all water,and grind  with red chilly,fennel seeds,and ginger
  2. Grind in to course paste,dont add water for grinding.
  3. Transfer the content in bowl add onions,chopped cilantro,curry leaves,salt,
  4. Now add the 1table spoon of whole soaked dal,and mix well with hand.You should be able to make ball with the mixture.
  5. Heat oil in frying pan.Meanwhile make a small balls and flatten the balls in your palm,keep in plate.
  6.  Fry the vadais in both sides..Flame should have to be in medium heat.
  7. Once it turns dark red color mns it's done.
  8. Drain all excess oil,transfer in to Paper towel. 
  9. Ready to serve.
If u want more spiy add some chopped green chillies to the mixture.
Spinach Vadai

I tried some Spinach Vadai (keerai vadai)also.With the same Ingredients only,i  just added some chopped Spinach in to the mixture and fried.It's too tasted really good.For kids we can give like this.

Spinach Vadais

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  1. my all time favorite snack.. when it rains..this is the first thing thats comes to my mind.. :) looks yummy


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