18 March, 2011

Crispy Onion Pakodas/Crispy Onion Fritters


South indian style Pakoda/Pakora.A perfect tea time snack.Perfect starters for parties too....
  1. Onion-1/2 cup
  2. Kadali Mavu/Besan flour-1cup
  3. Rice flour-1cup
  4. Onion-1 cup (chopped)
  5. Ghee-1teaspoon
  6. Cooking soda (R)Baking soda
  7. Green chillies-1 (chopped)
  8. Curry leaves-Few
  9. Cilantro-few more than curry leaves
  10. Salt/Chilly powder- to taste
  11. Oil-To deep fry

                        1.Take a wider bowl.Put baking soda and ghee rub will in hand.Rub well till ghee &soda mix together.
                2.Add sliced onion and green chillies mix well.(i didn't add chillies)
                 3.Add all dry ingredients.Rice flour,Besan Flour/Kadali mavu,salt &red chilly powder.add cilanro and curry  leaves.


                 4.Sprinkle little water and make a soft tight dough.
                5.Heat oil in kadai/Pan.Use your fingers and Pinch the dough in oil for small pakodas.Cook in medium flame.
               6.Wait till pakodas get golden Brown,once it turns take out   and drain  oil,put pakodas in paper to towel to observe excess oil.
               7.Ready to serve.

Note:  Don't put pakoda's like ball,then till will look like Bondas.So.,pinch it with fingers.

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