18 March, 2011

Channa Masala/Chole Masala

Channa masala/Chole masala all time favorite food for everyone.I shared a very simple recipe.Every bodyhave their own style Channa Masala's ,like sambar.Try this definitely you will like it.

  1.  Channa/Chick peas-1cup
  2. Onion-1 medium (chopped)
  3. Tomato-2 medium (chopped)
  4. Ginger garlic paste-2teaspoon
  5. Ginger striped- few
  6. Green chilly-1 nos (chopped)
  7. Red chilly powder-(optional)
  8. Chole masala powder-2table spoon
  9. Garam masala powder-2 teaspoon
  10. Whole garam masala-1.cinamon-1" stick,2.clove-2,  3.bay leaves-1
  11. Jeera-1teaspoon
  12. Oil-2table spoon
Soak the Channa for 7-8 hours,after that wash and drain all water.Pressure cook with fresh water,with pinch of adding salt.If u had tea bags,u can add that also while cooking.The Channa will change in to dark brown color.Basically Punjabi Chole,they use to cook with tea bags only.(i didn't have that)

  1. Heat oil in pan add jeera,allow to splutter .
  2. Roast whole garam masala and fry.
  3. Add green chilly,and ginger garlic paste,fry well.
  4. Now add onions and fry,till all gets soft.
  5. Add Chole masala,red chilli powder and mix.
  6. After that add chopped tomato and,cook well.
  7. Pour little water,to cook.
  8. Once the gravy starts to lose oil in side.,put cooked channa/chole with water.
  9. Let it boil for 5-8min.,Now add garam masala powder and cook.Once the gravy turns semi thick,add cilantro.
  10. Finally put some striped ginger pieces,on top.
  11. Serve hot with Batura,chappathi,Paratha ,rice...etc.,

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