14 March, 2011

Broccoli Fry/Broccoli Varuval

For my kid.,i started doing this recipe,now we all started to have this broccoli fry.This fry will go well with rasam satham.U can do the same recipe with Cauliflower also.
  1. Brocolli-2 cup cut in to lenth wise
  2. Salt/Pepper-to taste
  3. Jeera-1teaspoon
  4. Turmeric powder-pinch
  5. Oil-2teaspoon
  • Heat pan,add jeera and roast.
  • Now add Brocoli(R)Cauliflower 
  • Add salt,turmeric powder,Pepper powdermix well and close the lid.
  • No need to add water., it's like steam cook only.
  • Once in a while give a mix and cover., do still Broccoli turns soft.Don't over cook the vegetable.
  • That's it ready to serve with rice.

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