05 March, 2011

Basanthi Sweet


  1. Milk-4cups
  2. Sugar-1/2cup
  3. Sliced almonds/pistachios/pista-1tablespoon each
  4. Cardamom powder-pinch
  5. Corn flour-1 table spoon(mix the flour in little bit of water)
  6. Saffron-2
  • Pour milk in heavy and wider pan, cook the milk in medium flame.
  • Dont mix the milk frequently.will get thin layer on top.Take that milk layer gently with small spoon. and keep in different cup.
  • Boil the milk for 1/2hour.Milk quantity have to reduce to  1 cup.boil in medium heat.
  • Now add sugar and corn flour mixer.boil it for 2 more mns.
  • After,add all milk layers in to it ,boil it for 2 mns.
  • Add sliced almonds,pista ,cardamom ,saffron and give a very good mix.
  • Keep in fridge for 2 hrs,then serve..

For this recipe we need a patience.while cooking in non stick pan,dont allow to stick in bottom.Soak almons/pista in water of 15 mns,make a slice.Saffron will give a very nice color.

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