23 February, 2011



  1. Atta flour(gothumai mavu)-2 cups
  2. Sooji(ravai)-2tablespoon
  3. oil-for frying
  4. Salt-to taste
  5. Water-1cup+2tablespoon
  • Mix flour,salt,sooji(ravai) and 2tablespoon of oil in hand or in food processor.
  • Knead well by adding water to make a tight dough.
  • Cover it with a lid for minimum15 mns before frying.Heat a oil in pan for deep frying
  • Divide the dough in to small lemon size balls.then make a circular shape with chappathi roller
  • Deep fry the poori in hot oil for 30 secounds,turn to otherside to get puff and golden color.
  •  Drain the oil in tissue paper serve hot with Poori masal,Channa masal.
For rolling the Poori u can use oil r dry flour.if u uesd dry  flour for rolling, before frying just wipe the poori in clean towel r tissue.

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