24 February, 2011

Chayote dal/Chow Chow Kootu

  1. Chayote/Bangalore kathirikai-1 big 
  2. Yellow split dal-1/2 cup
  3. Turmeric powder/salt -as needed.
To Roast:

  1.  Jeera-1/2teaspoon
  2. Pepper Corn-1/2 teaspoon
  3. Red chilly-2 nos
  4. Coconut-2tables spoon
For seasoning:
  1. Mustard-1/2teaspoon
  2. jeera-1/2teaspoon
  3. Curry leaves
  4. Hing-pinch
Dry roast the dal in Kadai,add turmeric powder,1/2teaspoon of oil and boil the dal in pressure cooker.Cut the vegetable in small bite size.This's not a mild Kottu/Curry it's spicy Dal.It'll taste very Gud with White rice.

  1. After pressure cooked the dal add Chayote/chow chow in to it and presuure cook for 2 whistle.
  2. Heat 1teaspoon of oil in the pan and roast all  Ingredients one bye one,and grind these with adding enough water.ground a course paste.
  3. After pressure comes Down from the cooker open the lid,pour the mixer in.,bring to boil.let it boil for just 2minute.add salt also.
  4. Now Heat 2teaspoon oil for seasoning ,splutter Mustard,jeera,curry leaves and hing.
  5. Pour the mixer to dal.mix well with the spoon.Ready to serve. 

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